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    What it is

    These are tasks that some Bountyhub users can create for other users of the system to execute.

    How to create

    If you need likes, followers on different social networks, you can create such a task for the community. How to create read here

    The list of tasks

    After confirmation by the moderator of the tasks, they are displayed in the general list of tasks of the community.


    At the moment, it is possible to create only these types of community tasks:

    1. Facebook – Subscription
    2. Instagram – Subscription, like post, comment post
    3. Twitter – Subscription
    4. VK – Subscription(on group)
    5. Youtube – Subscription, like video

    Tasks that do not fit the types described above will not be confirmed by the moderators!

    Execution of tasks and rewards

    As in the tasks from the campaigns after confirming that you have completed the community task, the earned BHT tokens will be displayed in your BHT account.

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    This post is also available in: Русский (Russian)