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    Create wallet

    Then click “SIGN IN” => “IMPORT WALLET”
    In the opened window , select “CREATE WALLET”
    On the next screen you need to set a password to the wallet.
    Click “NEXT”

    Security Keys

    Then, on the opened page, there will be a link to your Keystore File. Save it by clicking “Download Encrypted Key”
    After that you need to click “NEXT”
    Next, you will need to save the Private Key. Also, for yourself, you can save a paper version of the wallet with all the data. To do this, click on “Print paper wallet”.
    The printed version will look like this.


    Your wallet is created. To track transactions and other actions with the wallet you will need to go to the account page.
    Inside the account you can always find the address of your wallet

    This post is also available in:
    Русский (Russian)

    This post is also available in: Русский (Russian)