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    Marketplace – a separate section of Bountyhub, which was created to provide information about services, works that some of our users can offer to others. You can go to this section by clicking on the Marketplace item on the main menu.

    How to create an offer

    To proceed to the creation of the offer, you need to click on the “Create Offer” block as shown in the screenshot below.

    On the screen that opens, you need to add an image (visually depicting the type / features of your offer)

    You also need to fill in all the fields, select which category your offer belongs to and click “Next

    Next, you need to describe the conditions of work and the cost in a currency convenient for you

    Important! All fields are required.

    After saving, your offer will be sent for review by a moderator.

    After confirmation by the operator, your offer will be available to other users.

    Communication with the owner of the offer

    Users who want to perform one of the proposed works or use one of the offered services should go to the “Marketplace” menu

    For the convenience of users, categories of offers have been created in the Marketplace, thanks to which it is convenient to filter offers that may interest you

    If you find an offer that interests you, to contact the author you need to click on “DETAILS

    If you read the terms of the offer and this offer suits you, to contact the author, click “Contact the author”

    To send a written proposal, press Enter or the button to send a message (shown in the screenshot below)

    All incoming/outgoing messages can be viewed by clicking on the “Messages / Chats “ menu on the right side of the screen.

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    This post is also available in: Русский (Russian)