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    A referral program it is when, according to your recommendation, a person performs some action, for example, is registered somewhere. And you’ll receive a reward for bringing this person

    You can go to the referral program in Bountyhub by clicking “My referrals” on the right side of the screen.

    Referral code and referral link

    On the page that opens, you will see your personal referral link, the last characters of which are your unique referral code (On the screen it is code = nszcjat). Send this link to friends and acquaintances, if they register on this link and perform tasks, you and your referrals will receive a reward.

    Important! To receive a referral reward, after registration, your referral must complete at least one task and receive confirmation of the completion of the task (Done Status).

    How to share a referral link

    There are several ways to share a referral link:

    1. Just send it to someone from friends and acquaintances.
    2. Send by letter or through one of the proposed social networks (you just need to click on one of the social network icons and confirm the sending of the template prepared in advance)

    Referrals List

    On the same screen at the bottom of it all your referrals are displayed.

    Important! Referrals will be displayed immediately after they are registered. But the reward, and you and the referrals will receive after completing at least one of the tasks.

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    Русский (Russian)

    This post is also available in: Русский (Russian)