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    Available Tasks

    After you decide to join your favorite Bounty campaign, you will be able to get job lists for which you can receive rewards.

    All tasks available to the user are displayed in the table in the “Available tasks” tab.

    For each task, a quantitative limit is set for its implementation. This means that for each task, a fixed number of participants who can take a specific task are predefined. You can see the number of completed and remaining tasks in the PARTICIPATE column.


    It takes 1-5 days to confirm the task. (You can see the number of days in the column CONFIRM. DAYS)

    Task Reservation

    To reserve a task for yourself, click the “Take” button in the “Actions” column, then confirm the reservation with the “Confirm” button.

    Reserved jobs are shown on the “My To do” tab.

    Here you can also begin to complete tasks. You can see the instructions for completing the task by clicking on the name of the task.

    Completing tasks

    On the task description page, you can find instructions for execution, the current status of the task and additional information about what you can and cannot do.

    After you have read the instructions and fulfilled the conditions described in it, in order to send the task for verification, you need to click the “Complete” button and in the window that appears, confirm the actions by clicking on the “Confirm” button.


    If you do not complete the task within 24 hours, the bounty bot will reject the task, assigning it the status of REJECTED and no reward will be charged.

    Some tasks can be performed directly in the Bounty panel, for example, tasks “Share on Facebook”

    If the status APPROVED appears in the current task, this means that the bounty hunter has successfully completed the task and passed the first stage of verification.

    If the status is REJECTED, then the bounty bot rejected the task. In this case, you need to double-check and re-read INSTRUCTIONS.


    You have to make sure that the bountist used for authorization exactly the account in which he performed the task and check the privacy settings of this account.

    Then click on the “Retry” button, in order to be able to once again send the task for verification.

    The result of the completed task must be available at least 1 day after completion so that the bounty bot can re-confirm this. For example, if the task was to subscribe to a group, then the bounty hunter should not be unsubscribed from the group until the corresponding notification is displayed in the bounty panel and the final stage of verification is completed.

    Current tasks

    Tasks confirmation

    After successfully completing the first stage of APPROVED verification, the bounty only needs to wait for a notification that the task can be re-confirmed.

    Next, you need to go through repeated verification.

    When you receive a notification, you can see it at the top of the site:

    It is necessary by clicking on the bell to go to the list of notifications and click “Confirm”.

    After which there will be a similar authorization process, as in the first stage, and the task will be re-sent to check the bounty robot.

    After that, you need to wait until the task status changes to PAID or CANCELED.

    Upon successful PAID status, the user will be rewarded and the task will be considered completed.

    The status CANCELED means that the bounty bot could not confirm the completion of the task a second time after a while and no reward will be awarded.


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