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    If you need to go to your personal account  click “Profile” in the upper right part of the screen

    Personal Information

    On the screen that opens, you can fill out the information about yourself, while getting experience points to increase your level  

    Social networks

    For automatic verification of tasks, the system needs to identify you. Therefore, tasks on Facebook, twitter, instagram, vk, you can only complete after adding these social services. networks to your Bountyhub account

    Example – How to add social. network to profile (Twitter)

    1. 1. Copy the unique hashtag for your account

    2. Create a tweet with this hashtag

    Make sure the tweet is created.

    3. Add a link to your twitter account and confirm.

    The status of this social network in the profile will become Changed, then it will become Verifying and, if everything was done correctly – Approved

    This post is also available in:
    Русский (Russian)

    This post is also available in: Русский (Russian)